Asset Based

Asset Based Lending

Our Asset Based Lending allows your business to raise funding against a bespoke mix of assets including invoices, plant and machinery, stock, and property. Learn below how asset finance solutions can unlock the value of your resources.

£100k - £50m
Dedicated relationship manager
Use any mix of business assets

What is asset finance?

Asset based lending allows you to secure the funding your business needs by using the assets on your balance sheet as collateral. By releasing the equity tied up in your invoices, property, and other owned assets, you can reinvest it elsewhere and drive your business forward. 

It’s a creative solution that more companies of all sectors and sizes are turning to. The British Business Bank reports that while bank lending to SMEs remained flat in 2019, business asset finance deals increased by 32% to reach £19.4bn in total

Offering multiple assets as security is a smart way to access higher levels of funding – up to £50m with Nucleus - than you might with one or none at all. The terms and conditions of this finance will then be tailored to your business and mix of assets. 

This means asset lending can be a customisable combination of multiple finance products. Some asset finance providers prefer certain asset types over others or require funding to be linked to an invoice facility – but we’re more flexible.

What can Asset Based Lending be used for?

 aquisitions  succession planning  growth  enhance cash flow  turnaround strategy funding

How our Asset Based Lending works

We’re an asset finance company without pre-determined criteria. We’ll work with you to understand your borrowing needs and asset profile and match it with appropriate funding. This could include any combination of Invoice Finance, Property Finance, or Construction Finance.     

The terms and conditions of the process will vary depending on the makeup of your funding. Regardless, we’ll make all the costs clear upfront to help your business plan and manage its finances. Your repayment terms will be tailored to suit you, up to a maximum of seven years.   

We make all our business asset finance decisions locally and use a fast, efficient, yet consultative approach. Our experienced team have the expertise to handle applications of all complexities and funding amounts.


Initial face-to-face-meeting


Indicative terms issued by Nucleus


We complete an onsite survey and asset valuations


Offer approved by Nucleus and documentation issued


We pay out your funds

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  •  All sectors
  •  England and Wales
  •  Established businesses and start ups

What assets do we fund?

  •  Invoices
  •  Stock
  •  Plant & Machinery
  •  Property
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You know your needs better than anyone. So as long as our asset backed lending benefits your business, you’re free to use it how you choose. Common examples include:    


 Whether you want to enter a new market or grow together, asset lending can meet the time-sensitive cash demands of major acquisitions 

Succession planning

Leveraging value tied up in assets could help facilitate a management buy-out or buy-in  


Use asset backed finance to take advantage of growth opportunities without impacting working capital. Fulfil bigger contracts, invest, or recruit  

Enhance cashflow

Meet routine cashflow demands or cover short-term gaps. Our research shows the average invoice takes as many as 74 days to be paid 

Turnaround strategy funding

 Partnering with an asset finance company like Nucleus could help your business tackle its problems and see a better future

UK Finance data shows some 40,000 businesses used invoice and asset finance solutions in 2019. Here are some of the key reasons why it’s so popular.  


Corporate asset finance enables you to unlock the value in assets that aren’t usually considered by traditional lenders. It also puts less focus on your credit history, past performance, or cashflow projections than other forms of business finance.  

Higher levels of funding

The ability to use a mix of business assets as collateral – rather than one or none at all – could grant you access to larger funding amounts. And providing an asset isn’t pledged in another agreement, you’re free to use business asset finance alongside other finance types too.    


Whether you want to use the funding to support a large expansion project or cover a short-term gap in cashflow, you can. There are no restrictions on your sector, size, or trading time either – making asset backed finance ideal for a range of business profiles and objectives. 

Better rates than unsecured finance

Asset based business loans are less risky for lenders than unsecured finance as offering security makes it easier for them to recoup any losses should they need to. This benefit is passed on to you through lower interest rates.

Research shows use of alternative finance products has grown significantly in recent years. Having already funded well over £1bn to UK SMEs, we’re one of the asset finance lenders leading the way. Here are just a few of the reasons to get in touch:    

Range of funding

 We offer Asset Based Lending from £100k to £50m - suitable for a range of business sizes and objectives

Flexible asset finance solutions

Use a mix of business assets as collateral with or without an invoice finance facility and alongside other finance types 

Fast service

 We’ll transfer your funding the same day you’re approved 

Friendly approach

 Our in-house experts will guide you through the asset backed lending process. You’ll have a dedicated account manager every step of the way

Our Asset Based Lending could keep your business moving forward. It’s already done just that for many of our clients. 


You can apply to borrow between £100k and £50m. If you meet our corporate asset finance criteria, we’ll make an offer based on a cumulative assessment of your asset mix and requirements.

Our Asset Based Finance pricing is tailored to your business and risk profile. Typical facilities have a fixed cost starting from 4%, making it easier to budget for over the course of your repayment term. 

From tech start-ups to established construction firms, one of the advantages of asset backed lending is that it’s suitable for any business with owned assets. You can see examples of the companies we’ve worked with in our client stories

Timescales vary based on the mix of assets and finance products that make up your Asset Based Lending agreement. Having documents readily available can help to speed the process up. Once we have everything we need to approve your application, you’ll have access to your funding within a day. 

Asset Based Lending is just one of the seven finance products we offer. From a Business Cash Advance secured by your future card takings, to solutions designed for the construction and education sectors, and invoice finance solutions, explore our full product line to find the right funding solution for you.   

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