1. What is the capital requirement over the next 12 months?*
    2. £
    3. Term Requested?*
    4. Months
    5. Is your business impacted by Covid-19?*
    6. Is the business turnover less then £45m?*
    7. Does the business (Group if applicable) generate more then 50% of its turnover from trading activity? *
    8. Does the business trade in the UK and will the CBILS Facility be used to support trading or commercial activities in UK?*
    9. Does the business employ less then 250 people?*
    10. Is the business currently accessing:*
      • BBLS?
      • CBILS?
      • CLBILS?
      • CCF?
    11. Has the business received a BIP payment? *
    12. Has the business received any other direct grants, repeatable advances, tax or payment advantages under Temporary Framework for State aid measures to support economy in the current COVID-19 outbreak? *
    13. Was the business in difficulty on 31st December 2019?*
      • Have the individuals or companies that have entered into or fulfilled the criteria to be put into collective insolvency proceedings (Winding-up, CVA, CVL, Administration, Bankruptcy or sequestrian)?*
      • Has the business (or Group) received rescue aid and has not yet reimbursed the loan or terminated the guarantee, or received restructuring aid and is still subject to a restructuring plan?*
    14. What is the purpose of the funding?*

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