Invoice Finance

Our invoice finance solutions allow your business to borrow money against the amounts due from your customers so that you can have access to outstanding funds immediately, rather than having to wait for them to pay. Learn below how invoice finance facilities can help you to grow and increase your chances of business success

£100k - £50m
Dedicated Relationship Manager
Fund Invoices up to 100%

What is invoice financing?

If your business is looking into borrowing money against the amounts due from your customers, then you should consider our invoice finance solutions here at Nucleus. 

Invoice finance is an asset-based loan that is based on a company’s outstanding invoices in its debtor book and sales ledger. This type of financing allows businesses to access funding against its debtor book, which is generally the company's major asset. Cash is then available as soon as invoices are raised to be reinvested or used to run the business.

Invoice finance is an extremely popular alternative financial product, as it is taken out against the value of a company’s unpaid invoices. Instead of a business being made to wait months to receive money, it can apply for this type of funding from reputable invoice finance providers such as Nucleus and get access to funds almost instantly. If businesses find themselves unable to cope due to large amounts of money being tied up in unpaid invoices, they can turn to us for help

What can Invoice Finance be used for?

 growth  enhance cash flow  combat late payments  avoid raising equity  peace of mind


How to get invoice financing in the UK with Nucleus

Here at Nucleus we have a consultative, solution-driven approach. Our in-house team have extensive expertise to support you through the process, as well as the ongoing management of your cash flow. Our invoice finance solutions can be used alone or combined with any other invoice finance facility. 

We want to make life easier for you. That is why we have made the process of applying for invoice finance as straightforward as possible. Below, you will find the criteria that you will need to meet, as well as the steps you will need to follow.


Initial face-to-face meeting


Indicative terms issued by Nucleus


We complete an onsite survey and asset valuations


Offer approved by Nucleus and documentation issued


We pay out your funds




  •  B2B with credit terms
  •  All sectors
  •  Contractual debt included
  •  From start-up to established business
  •  Registered in England or Wales

Should you be facing any business challenges, our invoice finance solutions can provide you with the financial support you need. As long as our invoice based lending benefits your company, you can use it however you would like to. Some examples include:


Are you hoping to fulfil your expansion plans? By opting for invoice financing in the UK, you can use the funding to grow your corporation, take on extra staff or start new long-term projects. 

Enhance cash flow

When you are not having to wait for payment of invoices, you can use the cash you have available for a number of other reasons, such as reinvesting in your company.

Combat late payments

Invoice finance is a means of ensuring that payment deadlines are met.

Avoid raising equity

If you go to invoice finance companies for funding, you won’t have to rely on loans or get yourself into other debt.

Peace of mind

Rest assured that your business is covered by looking into invoice finance solutions here at Nucleus.

Over 40,000 companies benefited from business invoice finance and asset-based lending in 2019. Here are just some of the reasons why companies continue to choose this form of finance:

Suits many businesses

Ideal for organisations of any size or industry, invoice finance can provide you with the money that you need, no matter what you need it for. From covering gaps in cashflow to funding substantial future projects, there are no restrictions on your sector or size.

Provides quick funding

An invoice finance facility can be set up fairly quickly. Once all your documents have been approved and you have been onboarded, funds can typically be released from an invoice within 24 hours of it being issued to a customer.

Allows you to manage your cashflow

If you are looking for a safety net for your business, invoice finance will provide you with the cash to invest in your business, from producing more stock that you can then sell on to customers, to managing your liabilities.

We want to watch companies flourish, which is why we have already lent over £1 billion to businesses across the UK to date. Your company could be next – here are just some of the reasons why we’re seen as a leading invoice finance provider:

Range of funding

We offer invoice finance from £100k to £50m to help you grow your company.

Dedicated team

When you come to us for invoice finance, you will receive your own Relationship Manager.

Flexible invoice finance solutions

We offer repayment periods of between three months and seven years, depending on the amount you borrow.

Human approach

Our team are friendly, approachable, and honest. They will be happy to guide you calmly throughout the process, answering any questions you may have about invoice finance.

Our invoice finance solutions can help you to transform your business.


Our invoice finance facilities start at £100,000 and you can borrow up to £50m.

Usually with invoice finance the invoices themselves are an asset, so we take a charge called a debenture as security over them. Dependent on the size of your facility and your individual business, additional security may be required – but this is negotiable and bespoke.

We would be happy to put you in touch with an existing client. Please just get in touch with one of our team and they can arrange it.

Typically, it takes around one month to complete the process. Sometimes it is faster than that, and other times slower. The main hold up is often due to getting access to documents. When you come to Nucleus for our invoice finance solutions, please make sure you are transparent with our team and have all your documents readily available to ensure efficiency. Once onboarded, you will have access to your funding line within a day.

At Nucleus, we take the time to understand a business’ story – and that includes turnaround situations. We are highly experienced in helping companies to recover and understand that for any business, it’s not always smooth sailing. The best thing to do is to be totally honest. We can work closely with you and your insolvency practitioner, and if we feel it is viable – and a sound recovery strategy is being proposed – we will offer and tailor a solution to support your business to a more positive future.

One of our experts will give you an initial call to establish the potential for Nucleus to support you. Following on from that, they will arrange a convenient time to come to your business for a site visit. This is not only a great opportunity for us to get to know you and your business, but it will also give you the chance to ask any questions that you might have about invoice finance, whilst we learn how you operate and look at the relevant documents.

Our invoice finance service is just one of the seven finance products we offer. From a Business Cash Advance secured by your future card takings, to solutions designed for the construction and education sectors, and asset based lending, explore our full product line to find the right funding solution for you.   

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